TYI brings young leaders hope

Avelile Nontanda knows what struggle is, and he knows the taste of success too.

Nontanda hails from the rural areas of Umtata in the Eastern Cape.

Nontanda came to Cape Town to pursue his tertiary education at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT). Nontanda studied Design Foundation and later majored in Interior Design.

In the process of obtaining his Interior Design qualification, he envisioned a ‘one-stop’ design brand that consisted of innovative, driven, passionate, young talented designers who were eager to learn and become future entrepreneurs.

Obstacles upon obstacles he overcame.

Starting a business as a young black young leader, with pennies in his bank account, Nontanda had to overcome challenges including financial constraints.

Nontanda’s view is that young South Africans are bosses instead of leaders. He believes that it takes patience and understanding to be a leader.

“In South Africa, our young entrepreneurs lack self confidence which results in failure. South Africa’s youth has extreme potential – with rich diversity and natural talent present. We’re also a very angry and determined generation. We are not scared to fight for what we believe in and what we want,” added Nontanda.

Nontanda made a conscious decision to take on the challenge and join TYI stories of hope campaign and share his success story to the world, so that he can bring hope to others who want to actualise their dreams.

Head of the Rural Education Access Programme (REAP) a programme that assists students from poor rural areas across all 9 provinces of South Africa to access tertiary education, Salisha Lauton read Nontanda’s story on our website and they reached out.

They are planning to collaborate with Nontanda.

STORIES OF HOPE >> https://tyi.co.za/news/local/storiesofhope-avelile-nontanda-causes-mayhem/

“Avelile is an inspiring millennial entrepreneur from Mthatha who studied at CPUT. He has established his own business called Mayhem Design in 2011. He is strikingly passionate about youth and in particular young entrepreneurs. Avelile fits the profile of a typical student that REAP exists to serve. He hails from a rural community but has successfully overcome the challenges of urban society,” said Lauton.

Nontanda thinks that REAP is a great platform for underprivileged youth.

Nontanda believes that their platform is changing lives for many and their partnership for the REAP expo is going to help inspire the youth to go out there and create opportunities for themselves under the umbrella of entrepreneurship.

REAP plans to collaborate with Nontanda by giving him exposure during their launch.

REAP wants Nontanda to attend their expo which they will be hosting on the 22nd of July.

Nontanda will be delivering a speech about his entrepreneurship journey and also participate in their discussions.

Share your story of hope and TYI will assist you by connecting you with all the right networks.

Reach out on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @theyoungindy

Gaming terms of 2017 for beginners

Source: stock.tookapic.com

Listen up, noobs!

The world of gaming may be a weird place consisting of mostly 12-year-old’s who will wreck you at Call of Duty, but it’s all in very good fun.

If you’re a hardcore gamer, you’ll know that gaming is more than just a fun pastime; it’s a universe filled with words that make non-gamers think we aren’t speaking English.

Here is a quick guide to the most commonly used terms among gamers:

1. Noob

Getting the obvious out of the way, “noob” is a shorthand term for “newbie.”

Not really used to describe someone who is new to the game, but rather someone who plays like they are. If someone calls you a noob, they’re saying you suck.

“Scrub” is a commonly used synonym for noob.

2. FPS

Short for both first person shooter and frames per second, which is the rate at which images (called frames) are shown in an animated display.

Console games average at 30 FPS (with a few exceptions). That’s as much as you can have without experiencing frameskip – when certain images are skipped to improve performance at the cost of visual smoothness.

Around 60 FPS is where the real fun begins. Go on YouTube and search “30 vs 60 FPS” to see what I mean.

3. MMO

Massive multiplayer online. The name says it all; a genre of game that features a large online world with multiple players in the game at the same time. Examples include: World of Warcraft; The Elder Scrolls Online; Grand Theft Auto Online and Minecraft Online.

4. Easter Eggs

Not the chocolate ones you hunt for in your backyard. These are hidden features in games such as hidden characters, secret levels or simply hidden references to other games.

5. AAA (Triple A)

A term that describes a game made on a massive budget with a huge sponsor/(s) backing it. The annual FIFA games are a prime example, with a huge publisher (EA Sports), plenty of product endorsements, and of course, celebrity appearances.

How EA Sports is still in business after spitting out the same game every year is beyond me.

6. Glitch

This one should be obvious, but just in case…

A glitch is a bug in the game’s code that can cause a few problems for your gaming experience, such as: getting stuck in a wall; hitting an invisible wall; encountering frameskip in a certain area; or characters not behaving as they’re supposed to.

7. NPCs

Non-player characters; those random people you meet in a game that hand you quests to complete, have automated responses to everything your character says to them, and are incapable of solving their own problems.

8. DLC

Short for downloadable content. Pretty much self-explanatory; things you can download for the game.

DLCs vary across the gaming world: they can be a new weapon set; a new map; an extra campaign featuring a new story; or simply a new set of outfits for your character.

Unfortunately, they are a huge source of income for developers, and as such, most of them don’t come cheap.

9. RPG

A role-playing game is a game that puts players in the role of a character that can interact with the world and build their stats.

Typically describes games like Warcraft, Final Fantasy and Skyrim.

Japan is really good at making over-complicated, convoluted stuff, so they are awesome at making RPGs.

10. Camper

The scourge of online shooters. “Camper” is a word describing a douchebag who stays in one spot (like a small room) and just kills anyone who invades his personal space.

One of the worst things you can run into in an FPS, is an expert camper. Should you encounter one, be cool. Use finesse instead of brute force.

Side note: snipers are supposed to camp. Deal with it.

11. K/D

Refers to one’s kill to death ratio. K/D is usually expressed as a decimal number, obtained by dividing a player’s number of kills by their number of deaths.

In many games, this is extended to K/D/A, which is the number of kills, deaths and assists a player has. Either in total, or for one match.

12. Ping/Lag

In the world of online gaming, your ping is the time (in milliseconds) it takes for information to travel to the server and back. If your ping gets too high, you will begin to experience lag.

Lag means your real life actions will take longer to translate into the game. Think of it as you mashing the “X” button, and only double-jumping 3 seconds later.

Not fun.

13. Pre-order

Pre-ordering is way up on the list of things you should never, I repeat, NEVER do. In this modern world, developers have given you the chance to put in an order for their games before they’re released and get them before anyone else.

Awesome, right?


They expect a little (a lot of) extra cash for delivery/shipping, and since you’ve never played the game, you don’t know if it’s any good.

If it is, then sweet. Bully for you. If it isn’t, then you have effectively paid R1000+ for a terrible game.


There, you are now aware of some very basic gaming terms.

If your friends have been calling you a noob every time you play a few rounds of Tekken and you’ve been taking it as a compliment, I am sorry to have destroyed your illusion.

-Tyler Roodt

The ultimate #PrisonStrippers tweets ever!

WHOS A BAD BOY: Dancers undress willing inmate Source: IOL

The images of women dressed in what looks like underclothes caused a stir on social media on Monday.

Department of Correctional Services acting national commissioner James Smalberger briefed the media on Monday and did not confirm whether the women were strippers or not.

Smalberger instead said the women’s presence in the prison, popularly known as Sun City, was a breach of security.

“That was a clear breach of the security plan that was provided for the event as well as other relevant policies and procedures,” he said.

He apologised to South Africans, saying the incident was unacceptable.

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According to Correctional Services head of communication Logan Maistry and Smalberger, there were six entertainment items approved for the event and the “strippers” were not one of them.

This incident is the first of its kind, said Smalberger. “I also wanted to give assurances that, based on briefings that we received on our visit to the place where this event happened, there was no taxpayers’ money involved in this entertainment as we call it. It was nothing in terms of the correctional services,” he said.

According to Smalberger, it was not unusual to have social events with NGOs rehabilitating prisoners.

“We need to keep in mind that people in these facilities will eventually be released into society. The rehabilitation has many forms and we have what we call sports and recreational arts and culture, and you would have seen that sometimes we would have athletic competitions and entertainment.”

“We have many social partners that are assisting, where they will participate in gumboot dancing or going out into society such as schools,” said Smalberger.

He said the investigation will assist in identifying whether the women were “strippers” or dancers. The investigation is expected to be concluded by Friday and a report handed over to Minister Michael Masutha.

Here is a list of the funniest/controversial/infuriated #PrisonStrippers tweets:

The 10 hottest South African celeb bodies of 2017

Source: pixabay.com

Celeb crushes have always been a thing.

Male or female, tall or short, we all have our preferences.

And they usually look even hotter when they’re chilling out at the beach or by the pool, soaking up some Vitamin D.

Here is a list of 10, as the British would say, “fit” celebrity bikini bods.

Because we love you.

Ladies first…

1. Bonang Matheba

Social media’s “Queen of everything.”

Bonang Matheba has been a popular TV personality since the young age of 15, and has only managed to fly upward ever since.

She has an extremely dedicated fan base who practically worship her, and there are several good reasons for this.

See what I mean?

Happy belated birthday, Bonang!

2. Jeannie D

There is no explanation needed as to why she is on this list. Jeannie D is hot.

She also may or may not be employing some dark magic to keep herself looking young.

Practically a living legend in her profession; when it comes to looking good in front of a camera, she has all but mastered the art.

Also, she’s hot. Have I mentioned that?

3. Lee-Ann Liebenberg

Yes we did.

Even after popping two buns out of the oven, she still looks good. Likely some more dark arts going on here.

Lee-Ann is a highly accomplished model who just so happens to have been voted FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World for 2005 and has managed to feature on the list every year for over 10 years afterwards.

#tbt 🐚💙

A post shared by Lee-Ann Liebenberg (@leeann_liebenberg) on

Nicky Van Der Walt, you lucky man, you.

4. Nadia Nakai

Nadia is not your average South African girl of Zimbabwean descent. She’s got a little something extra.

Might be the rapping, I’m not sure.

She recorded her first song when she was only 18. Her fans love her, and yes, she too is hot.

Control yourselves.

5. Shashi Naidoo

You know what? I think dark magic is just a normal thing for our country’s female celebrities.

Shashi Naidoo has popped up all over TV and magazines, and looks just as good as she did ten years ago (yes, really).

Chasing the sun Kaftan by @adorebyadila 📸@garrethbarclay

A post shared by Shashi Naidoo (@shashinaidoo) on

Modelling done right.

Now for the manly male men.

1. Zweli Dube

The Muvhango star’s presence is a sure fire way to get any girl to stop what she’s doing and stare into the abyss, and by abyss I mean abdominal section.

Which he seems quite fond of flaunting…

He’s uploaded this pic more than once, just so you know.

2. Janez Vermeiren

39. This guy is 39 years old. Has your mind exploded yet?

He has racked up a reasonable amount of screen time over the years, and is mainly known for his presenting roles in shows like Top Billing, Top Travel and The Man Cave.

Not even fatherhood could dull the muscle on this guy.

Still wrapping my head around the fact that he’s basically 40…

3. Chris Jaftha

Stereotypical teenage girl’s bedroom wall poster, this one.

Chris is also best known as a Top Billing presenter (I swear I’m not doing this on purpose), and is quite active on social media.

He likes doggos and likes replying to his fans on Twitter.

#happysunday #ThomasSabo #Together #AfricanColoursbyTS #InspiredbyEmotions

A post shared by Christopher Jaftha (@chrisjaftha) on

Most guys would kill for a bod like that. So would most girls…

4. Chad Le Clos

The main reason South African women watch the Olympics.

Chad is a world-class, gold medallist swimmer, which I’m sure is his way of letting the ladies know he’s got plenty of stamina…

Recovery is key 💪 ready for weekend 😎#budapest2017 #CleC

A post shared by Chad Le Clos (@chadleclos92) on

Hold it in ladies. You’re ogling a digital image.

5. Lunga Shabalala

Is it a job requirement for TV presenters to be annoyingly good looking? I’d be happy if someone could debunk that for me.

Lunga Shabalala is the textbook definition of “tall, dark and handsome.” Seriously, he stands at 1.8 metres, has dark skin and is handsome.

An actor, model and TV personality, he’s also enjoyed his fair share of screen time, and is close friends with Janez Vermeiren. No need to fight, lads.

You’re both on the list.

Pulling a James Bond, are we Lunga?

– Tyler Roodt

BET Awards: Top 7 fashion hits

Source: Instagram/naijasfashionpolice
Artists in the entertainment industry are celebrated and honoured for their contribution in music, sports, television, and movies at the annual BET Awards. 
The prestigious ceremony was held in Los Angeles at the Microsoft Theatre on Sunday. 
While music legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka was honoured among others for her work in the humanitarian sphere, Nomzamo Mbatha and Pearl Thusi were also flying the South African  flag high.

The duo brought more glitz and glam to the 2017 BET Awards as Nomzamo was co-host the International Awards stage alongside US model Eva Marcille.
Pearl Thusi was be hosting the Global Glitz and Glam on the red carpet alongside music manager and entrepreneur Johnny Wright
The African stars also dazzled in their African attires.
Here is our breakdown of who wore what. 

Yvone Chaka Chaka looked stunning in her dusty pink silky dress.

Nikki Perkins definitely slayed this green velvet dress. Keep it up girl!

Still on that velvet tip, Big Sean looked amazing in this maroon velvet two piece. Males please take note.

It’s not likely that Jada Pinkett Smith would disappoint. This black and gold dress looks gorgeous.

Asahd Khaled is not even a year old but is already slaying in Gucci suits, chilling with Gucci Mane. Talk about levels!

Less is more. Karrueche Tran fitted well in this short purple dress. The hair colour also blends very well with the outfit. 

Our very own, Nomzamo Mbatha stole the show in her African Couture dress. Keep on dicing us girl, we are your pineapples.  

Insight from millennials who bought property before they were 27

If you are a 20- or 30-something renter, buying your first home may seem like an impossible dream.

With so many expenses already competing for a bite of your monthly ‘pie’, how can you afford to save up for a 10% deposit on a property, let alone afford the monthly bond repayments and rates and taxes?

To learn the tips and techniques used by savvy young homeowners, here is some insight from two Capetonians who bought before they were 27.

Sallyanne Lewendon:

The Brilliant Young Budgeter

Head of print production at an ad agency, Lewendon bought a one-bedroom sectional title in Vredehoek with a garden, deck and gorgeous view 11 years ago.

She chose Vredehoek because her other favourite neighbourhoods – Tamboerskloof and Oranjezicht – were a bit pricey. Her favourite feature in her pad is its delightful deck, and she’s currently saving to knock out the wall between the kitchen and lounge to make it open-plan.

Lewendon says the downside of property ownership is that all changes and problems are for one’s own account. But the good outweighs the bad. “The sense of ownership is amazing. I struggled and gave up a lot, but every sacrifice was worth it.”

After thinking about buying for a while, her decision to invest in property was catalysed by her rental owner giving her notice. She started looking around and found only one place she could afford that met her criteria of being in a good location (Vredehoek) with plenty of potential and no serious damage or damp.

During the time of purchase, she was working at an ad agency, and she used the staff scheme to acquire a low interest rate for her bond.

She also took her pre-existing budgeting tendencies into overdrive, and drew up a strict plan that involved some smart sacrifices:

* She gave notice to her cleaning lady.

* Cancelled her gym and kick-boxing memberships.

* Trimmed down her insurance policies.

* Changed her medical aid to a hospital plan.

* Set a budget for food each month – and stuck to it (no morning coffees!).

* Reduced her cellphone expenditure.

* Didn’t buy any new clothes and had fewer hair appointments.

* Had no credit card.

* Didn’t go to dinners that weren’t in the budget.

She says it was all worth it as her bond is now only R4k per month. Since purchasing the property, Lewendon has renovated it all herself, stripped the kitchen cupboards, primed, sealed, painted and made it her own. She used her budgeting abilities to save up for a deck extending from the lounge, which has added to the house’s resale value.

Keenan Mulvaney:

Part of a Property Pouncing Pair

A digital copywriter, Mulvaney thinks Woodstock is wonderful because of its walking culture, street art, people and small businesses. Sharing his studio, sectional title apartment with blogger Natalie Roos (Tails of a Mermaid), his favourite feature of their happy home is the small mezzanine level they built to double up as their bedroom space.

Mulvaney and Roos were having a terrible time finding somewhere to rent in Cape Town. The length of the queues outside show houses for rentals seemed to keep getting longer, and the prices were ‘ludicrous’.

In 2015, they spotted a block of flats selling spaces from R1m in Woodstock – Mulvaney’s favourite area. Some basic maths proved that the bond repayment would be 30% less than rental expenses per month, making the decision to buy a straightforward one.

Mulvaney and Roos examined the financials and were comfortable covering the monthly rent but didn’t have the 10% deposit on hand. They approached Roos’s parents with an investment proposal – if the parents could foot the 10% deposit, they would receive 10% of the property value when the couple sold one day. They were willing and the purchase went ahead.

Mulvaney believes the biggest difference between renting and buying is the emotional and psychological investment.

“Having a space with which you’re able to do anything you like is so refreshingly liberating. You learn the names of the community around you because, all of a sudden, they’re not just ‘the neighbours’ – they’re ‘my neighbours’.

“I know we’re going to be living there for the foreseeable future and I want to live in a community that I can invest in – and that can invest in me.”

James says if you’re considering the decision to buy, don’t be afraid to seek advice from a professional and weigh up all your options objectively. “If you need to apply for a bond or ask a loved one for a loan, do the maths, be realistic, and make sure your budget is sound.”

Top tips:

* Be a brilliant budgeter. Before you apply for a mortgage, understand what your gross income amounts to once you’ve subtracted all additional expenses like UIF, taxes and monthly commitments such as groceries, your vehicle, credit card and entertainment. Once you’ve done your budget calculations, you can see if a home loan is viable.

* Collaborate if you can. Buying with a family member or partner is a fantastic way to make investing more affordable. Be sure to enter into it as a business arrangement – have a lawyer draft a contract, and make sure both parties’ finances are in order before signing on the dotted line. If you’re buying the space to rent it out, ensure returns are agreed on upfront.

* Use a reputable buy versus rent calculator online: To sort through all the financial aspects of the buy so you understand at what point it makes more sense to purchase than rent. Look at everything from the house price and mortgage rates to interest rates, insurance fees, transfer fees, capital appreciation fees and so forth. You also need to have an idea of how long you’ll live in the house, and how much you could accumulate investing the same sum of money elsewhere.

– Copy supplied by Property Fox

Aspen: Changing Lives, nurturing young talent, securing futures

Senior Executive of Aspen Pharmacare Stavros

Aspen Pharmacare continues to make major strides in its efforts to nurture young talent and promote grassroots development of various sporting codes, particularly among previously disadvantaged communities.

As part of this targeted community development intervention, Aspen has partnered with the Gauteng Province Sport and Recreation, Arts and Culture and SA Rugby to bring the Springboks and international rugby stars to Soweto for a double header night of action at Orlando Stadium.

Billed to be one of the biggest rugby events to descend in Soweto in recent times, it will feature a match between SA ‘A’ side and a French Barbarians team captained by Freddy Michalak and a Rugby Challenge match between Xerox Golden Lions and Vodacom Blue Bulls.

The match under the auspices of the Premier’s Social Cohesion Rugby games is aimed at exposing the youth of Soweto to the game of rugby.

“Aspen’s core objective is to encourage people to make healthy life choices. Part of healthy lifestyle choices includes educating our youth against the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.  

We seek to enlighten the communities, particularly the youth, about proper responses to contemporary health challenges such as HIV and AIDS, TB and other lifestyle diseases,” says Stavros Nicolaou, senior executive of Aspen Pharmacare.

“We are committed to the country’s transformation agenda and the promotion of the culture of lifelong learning in order to empower our youth to realise their full potential.”

About three years ago Aspen Pharmacare invested considerable resources towards Education, Health, Community Upliftment and Development, one example of which is the provision of sporting facilities in Soweto schools, primarily for the advancement of rugby and soccer.

“The reason we continue to do this is to give children from underprivileged communities the opportunity to hone their skills and progress in life by having equal access to state of the art sporting facilities,” says Nicolaou.

He adds that Aspen Pharmacare supports the vision of the leadership of the Gauteng Province to foster national cohesion and meaningful transformation to usher in inclusive development.

“We put our South Africanness first. We embrace the spirit of patriotism,” he said.

Nicolaou explains that Aspen Pharmacare is a South African company deeply rooted in the country even though it has an active presence in 75 countries.

“We have a strong manufacturing presence in South Africa with facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and East London giving employment and sustainable livelihoods to over 5000 people. A large number of these are women and young people from previously disadvantaged communities,” he said.

“We manufacture a lot of products in South Africa which we export to other countries.”

Meanwhile, MEC Panyaza Lesufi, who is acting Sports MEC, says the province places a high premium on the games as a powerful tool to promote social cohesion through equal access to sports.

“Sport is an integral part of community development. We should encourage our children to work together, play together and unite under one purpose of national development without being hindered by barriers of colour or economic background,” Lesufi says.

“By bringing rugby to Soweto, we are sending a powerful message of national unity. We are saying all sports should be accessible to everyone. We are one nation and we are working together to break down the walls of separation and to say there are no no-go areas in the country. We look forward to bigger and better games in an electrifying atmosphere at Orlando Stadium,” Lesufi says.

He says the government of Gauteng is of the firm belief that meaningful change can only happen when there is a conscious effort to embrace community based, citizen driven and civil society initiatives which contribute meaningfully to social cohesion, economic inclusion and non-racialism.

In another matter, Springbok coach Johan Ackermann says the team is upbeat about the games and they will deliver a world class, entertaining and memorable experience.

“The players are very excited about coming to Soweto and interacting with their fans. The preparations continue in a top notch fashion and we would like to urge everyone to come and support us. There is enough talent in our squad and development structures to light up the stadium,” he said.

Sanelisiwe Mbatha, events director urged the community to flock in their numbers to the stadium saying they have lined up many activities to ensure a fun filled and memorable occasion with wholesome entertainment for the whole family.

“We have pulled out all the stops to ensure a secure event. There is entertainment galore and we have ensured that there is adequate transport for those who will be attending the event,” she says.

What millennials think about #ZumaQandA

Source: IOL

When it comes to dodging the topic at hand, our president might even give Trump a run for his money.

At least that’s what Twitter thinks.

Yesterday, the president was faced with his quarterly Q and A session in the House of Parliament, and while he seemed to think it was a riot – since he kept laughing and smiling through the whole thing – the rest of the country seems to disagree.

In one of his more serious moments yesterday, he mentioned that he doesn’t like the idea of a secret ballot in what will be the eighth no confidence vote since his election.
He accused DA leader Mmusi Maimane of trying to “steal” ANC votes from Parliament by demanding the secret ballot and assured the DA that they wouldn’t get the votes they need by coaxing ANC MPs into voting with them.
He said that MPs should instead use an open ballot as they have in the previous seven motions. “How did we vote in the (seven previous motions)? Why this time do it differently?” said Zuma.
He also spoke of his son, Duduzane, saying that he never assisted him in getting lucrative contracts from the government and lashed out at Maimane for “singling out” his son.
Other than that, everyone seems to think pretty much all of his responses were irrelevant.

Between his laughing and brushing off questions, he managed to find some time to blame today’s youth unemployment on Apartheid, which just so happened to be abolished over 20 years ago.

While many people are taking sides, there are those who decided to just sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

I think it’s safe to say that most people aren’t all too happy with our fearless leader after yesterday’s events.

One cannot help but wonder; what would’ve happened if Malema and his buddies had shown up…
-Tyler Roodt

10 horrifying incidents based on stories from the wrong side of the web

Source: Pexels/

The internet is fun, but it can also be a really scary place if you wander too far, and some people take the creepy stories they see on the web a bit too seriously.

Here are 10 horrifying incidents based on stories from the internet:

1. Girls stab friend to death to appease Slenderman

In 2014, a 12-year-old girl was stabbed 19 times by her two friends. They claim they did it to appease Slenderman – a fictional creepypasta (scary internet story) character with long limbs, a black suit and no face.
The girls claim they did it to gain permission to live in his mansion in Nicolet National Forest in Wisconsin, USA.

2. Laughing Jack tells 12-year-old to kill stepmom

Laughing Jack is the story of a clown who befriends children before invading their dreams, slicing them open and replacing their innards with candy…

In Indiana 2015, a 12-year-old girl was convicted of murdering her stepmother by stabbing her to death and subsequently setting her apartment on fire.

She was later diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder and deemed unfit to stand trial for her crimes.

3. Walking Sam drives people to suicide

In Sioux, South Dakota, between December 2014 and May 2015, at least 103 people committed suicide by hanging themselves and at least 241 people had attempted to do so.

Those who were unsuccessful had blamed their suicidal tendencies on an internet story/urban legend known as Walking Sam.

There are many versions of Walking Sam’s story, but the most widely accepted one depicts him as a malevolent spirit cursed to wander the world collecting human souls.

Sioux tribal police reported finding 4 nooses hanging from trees in a nearby forest. It is unknown who put them there.

4. The Pope Lick Monster

Named after the creek in Kentucky where it lives, the Pope Lick Monster is a story about a goat/human hybrid living underneath a railway bridge. The monster supposedly hypnotizes people to climb to the top of the bridge, where they usually get hit by a train.

A 26-year-old woman who was exploring the area with her boyfriend was killed by a train after the couple had climbed to the top of the railway bridge, not knowing that the seemingly abandoned bridge was still in use.

Her boyfriend survived and the local government declared the area off limits to civilians.

5. Burn it down for Slenderman

In 2014, a 14-year-old girl from Florida attempted to set fire to her house, nearly killing her mother and 9-year-old brother. Police believed that her obsession with the fictional character is what drove her to arson and attempted murder.

6. “My Dead Girlfriend Keeps Messaging Me On Facebook”

The name says it all. The creepypasta centers around a young man whose girlfriend died and yet continues to send him messages on Facebook.

This story was (sort of) brought to life in 2016 when a real estate agent and serial criminal kidnapped a couple and attempted to fool their friends and family into thinking all was well by posting updates on the girl’s Facebook page.

In reality, the man was murdered and the woman kept chained up in a shipping container. Police eventually found and arrested the perpetrator.

7. Somebody’s watching…

A popular theme in creepypasta is stalking. An unseen person or force watching an innocent person, leaving creepy messages. For a 16-year-old girl in England, this became a terrifying reality.

She received a text one day from an anonymous number, saying: “I’m watching you.” She was understandably freaked and decided to sleep in her mom’s room that night.

Later, she received another text saying her “admirer” was inside the house, but did not take it seriously.

The next morning, she found a teenage boy about her age sleeping underneath her bed…

8. Mom attacked by daughter dressed as Slenderman

In 2014, a 13-year-old attempted to kill her own mother by stabbing her to death.

The mother said she came home from work that day and found her daughter wearing a faceless white mask, much like that of Slenderman.

She sustained only minor injuries, and survived the assault.

9. Polaroids

The creepypasta known as Balloons is about a boy who finds polaroid photos of himself in his mailbox.

In Connecticut, 2014, the principal of an elementary school was found to be stalking children around their local Walmart and taking pictures of them. Luckily, he was arrested before he harmed any of the children.

10. Wrinkles the Clown

Creepy clowns were all over the internet last year. Following this trend, a video of a little girl sleeping in her bed made the rounds on the internet.

As she slept, the drawer underneath her bed opened up and man dressed as a clown began to creep out. He didn’t do much, apart from walking up to the girl’s bedside, placing a stuffed toy next to her and then turning off the camera.

The girl’s parents later admitted that they hired Wrinkles the Clown to scare their daughter and stop her from acting up.

-Tyler Roodt

RECIPE: How to make a classic chocolate cake for #Ramadaan

Source: Instagram/thecrawlersgroup

Fatima Sydow, the author of Cape Malay Cooking has shared her chocolate cake recipe with us, for #Ramadaan.

Ingredients for the cake

Dry ingredients

2 cups of sugar
2 cups of cake flour
2 tsp of baking powder
1&1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup of cocoa powder

Wet ingredients

2 tsps of granulated coffee stirred into a cup of hot water
2 eggs
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of oil
2 tsp vanilla essence


Preheat oven to 180°C

In a large bowl, sift together all the dry ingredients .
Add the milk to the coffee mixture and stir.
Next, add all the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients, whisk until well combined.
Pour batter into two round greased baking tins with baking paper at the bottom of tins.
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes , insert a skewer and if it comes out clean the cake is done.
Remove from the oven and cool completely.
For a higher cake make on another bowl of cake batter and bake another 2 layers.
Fill in between the layers caramel , a little cream and slices of banana.

Cover with whipped fresh cream , shards of chocolate or chocolate ganache …to your taste and style.

– IOL/ Supplied

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